Use the Power of No!

You have 24 hours in a day. You can choose to spend those hours creating things that you truly care about, dealing with insignificant matters, or struggling to prove your worth by doing the things that are hardest for you.

Master the art of doing what matters most to you–the things that create energy, passion and quality of life with the lowest investment of energy.

Say “no” more often. Make fewer decisions so you have more power for your mission.

Successful people demonstrate the importance of one key concept: being aware and honest about what was most important to them. It’s a simple concept, but it is often a tough one to execute. In the business of everyday life, most of us don’t take the time to ask ourselves what we really stand for. This makes it difficult to make decisions that are in line with our goals with any kind of clarity.

Knowing what matters to you brings clarity to your decision making and enables you to then do the really important work of saying no to many (maybe even most) things and focusing your attention and energy exclusively on things that matter most to you.