Even Your False Beliefs
Are True!

The beliefs you hold and the stories you tell yourself shape your internal model of reality.

When your model is wrong, you build broken habits and make decisions that don’t create what you want. You suffer.

A flexible mind changes itself and builds a better model as it gathers more data about reality. Build a flexible mind with built-in habit of questioning your assumptions about reality so that you can grow.

Did you know that your beliefs and stories about success, health, relationship and money are instilled in you, usually before the age of seven, much as hardware is installed in a computer. You do not deliberately choose them. Authority figures, our society and culture, our education systems, and the observations we make as children indoctrinate such beliefs into us at a very young age.

If we allow them to go unquestioned, they can have a hugely detrimental impact on our lives.

Our beliefs tell us how important we are, what we are capable of, our role in society, and so on.

If our beliefs are limited, they can drastically diminish our human potential. The problem is that our beliefs feel like reality because they are reality until you realize they are false.

The good news is that just as you can upgrade the hardware on your computer, you can upgrade your beliefs once you become aware of them.