Remember Images, Not Words!

Your brain evolved in a world of sense, sound, and images, not a world of words. Train yourself to build images from what you read and hear so you can make full use of your brain’s deeply rooted on-board visual hardware. Remembering in words will slow down and waste energy you can put to better use.

The basic way to hack your memory is to teach your brain how to think in images rather than words. This requires training your visualization skills.

When you visualize images, information takes a shortcut in the memory-storage part of the brain, skipping over short-term memory and heading straight to long-term memory.

Out of our 5 senses, our sight is the most important to the brain, because it is most closely tied to our survival.

Three-quarters of the neurons that work with our senses are connected to sight.

Some people think that they learn better through sound or touch, but experts know that we learn best through visualization. Learning through doing or teaching is even more powerful way to remember new information, but that’s because both of these approaches engage your visual senses.