Your Personality Problems are Your Problems with other people

There are millions of people today who are self-conscious, shy, and ill-at-ease in social situations. They feel inferior and never realize that their real problem is a human relations problem. It never seems to get across to them that their failure as personality is a failure in learning to deal successfully with people.

There are almost as many who, at least on the surface, seem to be very opposite of the shy, retiring type. They appeared to be self-assured. They are bossy and dominate any social situation they are in, whether it is home, the office, or the club. Yet, they too realize that something is missing. They wonder why their employees or their families do not appreciate them. They wonder why people do not co-operate more willingly; why is it necessary to continually force people into line.

And most of all, they realize in their most candid moments, that the people they are most anxious to impress never really give them the approval and acceptance they crave.

They attempt to force cooperation, loyalty and friendship; to push people to produce for them. But the one thing they cannot force is the thing they want the most, they cannot force people to like them.

They never really get what they want because they have never mastered the art of dealing with people.

Whether you like or not, people are here to stay. You simply cannot achieve ant success or happiness without taking other people into account. The doctor, the lawyer, the salesperson, who enjoys the most success is not necessarily the one who is most intelligent or the most skillful in the mechanics of his or her job.

The husband and wife who are at the happiest are not the ones who are the most attractive.

Look for a success in any endeavor and you will find someone who has mastered the knack of dealing with people…a person who has a way with others.

to be continued.