Understanding the
Human Ego

Understanding the Human Ego

Because the human ego is such a precious thing to its possessor, and because a person will go to such extremes to defend against what he perceives as threats to his ego, the word egotism has a negative connotation.

Let’s look at the other side of egotism. If it can cause people to do silly, irrational and destructive things, it can also cause them to act nobly and heroically.

What is Egotism, anyway?

What the world calls ego and conceit is really a divine spark planted in man, and that only those who had lighted and divine spark within them ever accomplished great things.

Whatever name you want to give it: human dignity, personality, or uniqueness… deep within the heart of everyone, there’s something that is important and that demands respect.

Every human being is a special, individual personality, and the most powerful drive in any person is to defend this important something against all enemies.

This is why you cannot treat people as machines, as numbers, or as masses and get away with it. Every effort that has been made to deprive humans of this individual worth has failed.

It’s more powerful than armies and prison camps. It proved more powerful than feudal Lords who tried to turn people into serfs.

to be continued…