What makes people
Self-centered & Conceited?

We used to think that the trouble with the egotists was that they thought too highly of themselves. We thought that if that person would give up their high self regard, that they would be cured. The old methods society used to use to knock some of the self-importance out of these contrary, hard-to-get-along-with individuals never worked. All they ever did was make the other person even more hostile, and his ego even more sensitive.

The reason these methods never worked is simple. We now know, without a doubt, that the self-centered, egotistical person is not suffering from too much self-esteem; but too little.

If you are on good terms with yourself, you are on good terms with others. Once a person begins to like themselves better then they are able to like others better. Once they get over their painful dissatisfaction with themselves, they are less critical more tolerant of others.

Ego-hunger is as universal and natural as the hunger for food. And the food for the ego serves the same purpose as food for the body — self-preservation. The body needs food to survive. And the ego, or unique individuality of each person, needs respect, approval, and a sense of accomplishment.

to be continued.