To deal with the trouble caused by low self-esteem in others: Help Them Like Themselves Better

When an arrogant person attempts to put you in place, you can understand this behavior by remembering two things.

First, he needs desperately to increase his own self importance and is attempting to do so by beating you down.

Second, he is afraid. His self-esteem is at such a low ebb that one good put down by you would shatter it altogether.

And, although he is not certain that you would take a shot at his self-importance, he cannot afford to take that chance. The only safe strategy he can use to put you down before you see him for what he really is.

Don’t add to the trouble by trying to beat him down. Avoid sarcastic, cutting remarks and arguing. If you win, you will only further decrease his ebbing supply of self-esteem, and make him harder to deal with than before.

Instead, feed his hungry ego; turn a lion into a lamb, & he will stop growling & snapping at you. And this tactic works on everyone, not just difficult personalities.

Anyone is more agreeable, more understanding and more cooperative if you feed the ego… not with insincere flattery, but with genuine compliments & real praise. Look for good points in those you deal with; things about which you can praise them.

to be continued.