The Importance of Making Others Feel Important

Everyone is a millionaire in Human Relations. However, the greatest tragedy is that too many of us hoard our wealth, dole it out stingily, or don’t even realize that we possess it.

It is within your power to add to the feelings of personal worth of others. It is within your power to make them like themselves better. It is within your power to make them feel appreciated and accepted.

The quickest way to improve your dealings with people is to begin giving away this wealth you possess. It doesn’t cost you anything and you needn’t fear you will ever run out of it.

Don’t try to barter or bargain with it. Don’t try to use it to bribe people into giving you what you want. Give it away indiscriminately; in doing so, you need not worry about getting what you want from others. When you cast this bread upon the waters, so to speak, it always comes back to you multiplied many fold.

Don’t make a mistake of supposing that just because someone is successful or famous, they have no need for a feeling of importance. Courtesy, politeness and manners are all based on this universal hunger of people that they have some personal worth.

Courtesy and politeness are merely ways in which we acknowledge the importance of the other person. All of us need to feel that we are important. We need to feel that other people recognize and acknowledge our importance.

to be continued…