Four Ways to Make Others Feel Important

  1. Think other people are important. The first rule, and the easiest to apply, is simply to convince yourself once and for all that other people are important. Do this, and your attitude comes across to others, even when you are not trying. Moreover, it takes away the need for gimmicks and put your human relations on a sincere basis. You can’t make others feel important in your presence if you secretly feel they are nobodies. After all, what else on earth is as important or as interesting as people?
  2. Notice people. Have you ever thought about the fact that you notice only those things that are important to you? Actually, you only see a fraction of what is around you… you select for attention only those things that are important.

Five people walking down the same street will probably note five different things, simply because they are interested in different things.

Therefore, when someone notices us, they pay us a big compliment. They are saying that they recognize our importance, and give a big boost to our morale. We become more friendly, more cooperative, and actually work harder. And don’t forget that when you are dealing with the group, acknowledge everyone in the group.

to be continued..