Controlling the Actions and Attitudes of others

Do you have anyone in your family who controlled the actions and behavior of people? You may be surprised that each of us, in our way, want to control the actions and behavior of people in our lives.
Only trouble is that we don’t know that we are exercising this power, and we often use it against ourselves rather than for ourselves. Each of us is constantly influencing and controlling the actions and attitudes of those with whom we come in contact. The choice we have is: shall we use it for good or evil; for our benefit or our disadvantage?

It may surprise you to learn that in many of the cases in which you were treated discourteously, where someone acts unreasonably towards you, that you may have asked for that treatment. You have to adopt the attitude you want others to express.

People react and respond in a like manner to the attitude and action expressed by others. You get amazing results when you start putting this theory into effect.

Everyone wants to do the appropriate thing. We act out our parts in life according to the stage that is set before us.

There’s an unconscious urge to live up to the opinions others seem to have of us – or to live down to them.