Put some magnetism in your personality

Confidence has a way of showing itself in subtle ways. While you may never analyze why you have confidence in a certain person, subconsciously, we all judge others by the following signs and clues:

  1. Watch your walk; your physical actions express your mental attitude. If you see someone walking with dropped shoulders, you think their burdens are too heavy to bear. They seem to be carrying the heavy weight of discouragement and despair.

If something is weighing down someone’s spirit, it invariably weighs down their body and they droop.

See someone walking with head and eyes down and you are looking at the pessimistic soul.

A timid person walks with unsure, hesitant steps as if they were afraid to let go.

A confident person steps out boldly. Their shoulders are back, their eyes are looking out and up to a goal, they feel certain that they can attain.

2. Your tattle-tale handshake tells the other person far more than you suspect about the way you feel about yourself.

A person with a limp, dish-rag handshake is low on self-confidence.

The bone-crusher is apt to be compensating for a lack of self-esteem.

The firm handshake with just a little squeeze in it says, “I have got a firm grasp of things” and denotes self-confidence.

To be continued…