Put some magnetism in your personality contd…


3. Moderate your tone of voice. We express ourselves through our voice more than in any other manner.

The voice is the most highly developed means of communication. Your voice communicates more than ideas; it also betrays your feelings about yourself.

Listen to your voice: does it express hopelessness or courage? Have you got into the habit of whining? Do you speak up confidently or mumble?

4. Use the magic switch of a smile. A real sincere smile turns on a friendly feeling in others. Don’t try to smile as a facial expression, but smile from within.

Everyone is blessed with a good smile; it’s just a matter of letting it out. If you are not using your smile, you are like someone with a million in the bank and no cheque-book.

The only way to make people do better is to follow the advice of Winston Churchill:

“I have found that the best way to get another to acquire virtue is to impute it to them.”

Let others know that you think they can be trusted and they will be trustworthy.

People who try to make others improve by shaming, threatening, or advising on what they ought to do rarely succeed. And often they make matters worse.

No one is totally good or bad. We all have different sides to our personalities. The side that we present is the side that others bring out in us.

Use communication and psychology to bring out a good and generous side in others.

Begin today to develop an enthusiastic, confident attitude and manner. Speak out. Watch your posture. Hold your head up. Walk with a confident step as though you had somewhere important to go.

Tomorrow I will share with you how to create a good impression.