Creating a Good Impression

Wishing you a happy Holi Celebrations

The manner in which you approach others, your very first words, and actions, nearly always set the tone for the entire encounter.

You can control the actions and attitudes of others to a remarkable extent if you remember to start a conversation on the same note on which you want it to end.

If you are discussing business, start of in a business-like tone. If you wish to be informal, begin in an informal manner. Others will rise to the occasion. They will act out their role in the stage setting that you create.

Every time you have a dealing with others, you are setting a stage. If you set the stage for comedy, don’t be serious. If you set the stage for tragedy, don’t expect others to be frivolous.

“It just didn’t come off,” we say of the meeting or interview that didn’t go as we would have liked. Nearly always, when this happens, it is because we got off on the wrong node.

Before you go into any kind of discussion, ask yourself: “What do I really want from this? What mood should prevail?” Then create the tone that will set the stage.

We can control the actions and attitudes of others by remembering that the very first impression we give is apt to be a lasting impression.

You are more responsible for how you are perceived than anyone else. Many worry about what others will think of them. The world forms its opinion of us largely from the opinion we have of ourselves.

If you aren’t accepted as well as you would like to be, perhaps you should blame yourself. Act as if you are nobody, and the world will take you at face value. Act as though you are somebody, and world has no choice but to treat you as someday.

to be continued.