Don’t knock the competition

Never knock others or their products if you want to make a good impression. Instead, boost your own product. Not only do people dislike negative talk, but you are setting a negative stage.

If you are selling, you have created a negative mood and will have difficulty getting a prospect to say yes.

Put others in a YES mood by creating a positive and affirmative atmosphere. One good rule is to get others to say YES to preliminary questions. For example, “Isn’t this a beautiful color?” or “Don’t you agree this is fine workmanship?” After someone has said yes a few times to your preliminary questions, it will be easier for them to say yes to your big question.

But, yes questions can sometimes be negative. “Isn’t the heat terrible today?” or “The world is sure in a mess, isn’t it?” Such questions will set a negative mood with a yes answer. Pessimistic, gloomy people are usually cautious and hesitant.

Cheerful, optimistic people buy products and ideas. They are more generous, more willing to expand, and to take a chance.

Don’t ask questions or issue instructions that imply you expect trouble. Pose questions that set up the answer: “I believe you like this, don’t you?” instead of “Do you like this?” Nod your head affirmatively when you ask questions. Your actions definitely influence the opinions and actions of the other person.

Calmly assume that others will do what you want. Sound the keynote for the entire theme when you begin. Don’t try too hard to impress; let others know that they are making a good impression.

(Tomorrow, I will share with you how to attract people with acceptance, approval and appreciation.)