Attracting People with Acceptance, Approval, & Appreciation

We all know people who seem to naturally attract friends and customers. These people use the triple-A formula to feed the three basic hunger of all people.

  1. Acceptance. It is essential that you accept people as they are and as they aren’t. Allow them to be themselves. Don’t insist that anyone be perfect or change before you like them. Don’t fashion a moral straightjacket and expect others to wear it in order to gain your acceptance.

A critical, fault-finding person, who always sees where people fall short and can usually suggest a remedy, is never going to be stampeded by those hoping to become close friends.

Those who accept and like people, and accept them just as they are, have the most influence in changing others’ behavior for the better. No one has the power to reform another, but by liking others as they are, you give them the power to change themselves.

to be continued…