Attracting People with triple-A (Acceptance, Approval, and Appreciation) formula contd

  1. Acceptance.
  2. Approval.
  3. Appreciation. The word appreciate means to rise in value. Stop and consider how valuable others are for you — your spouse, children, boss, employees, customers.

Emphasize their value in your mind. Then figure out ways to let others know you highly value them. Here are some ways that you can show appreciation:

✓ Don’t keep people waiting.

✓ If there’s someone you cannot see immediately, acknowledge their presence. Let them know you will be with them as soon as possible.

✓ Thank people

✓ Treat people as special.

The last item is worth additional comment…

Nothing is more deflating to the ego than to get a routine treatment. We all want to be recognized for our own unique worth.

And, lastly, take a lesson from the flowers — because they need bees to pollinate them, they put out a few drops of nector to attract and feed the bees. A person with an attractive Personality offers food to feed the basic hunger of people.

Tomorrow I will share with you how to communicate effectively.