Learning to Communicate Effectively continued…
Ask questions to interest others.

Ask questions to interest others. Keep the conversation steered to the other person’s interests by asking the questions: Why? Where? How?

If someone says, “I have got little 25 acre place back home in Kerala”; don’t rush in with “Well, I own 500 acres in Bengaluru,” Instead, ask, “Where in Kerala? How long have you had it?” These and other questions like them, will gain you a reputation as one of the most interesting people your companion has ever met.

There is a deadly sin in human relations that you must avoid. Humans are innately selfish; they are first, last, and always interested in themselves. Show that you are interested in them, and they will subsequently get interested in you.

đŸŒ¸ Don’t be like the playwright who, after talking about himself and his work for over two hours, turned to his companion and said, “But that’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you… What do you think about my plays?” đŸ˜€

You are human too; and it’s natural to be tempted to talk about yourself. You want to shine; you want to impress others. But, you will rate much higher in others’ estimation if you turn the conversation to them rather than to yourself. Others will have a much higher opinion of you.

Ask yourself, “What do I want out of this situation?” Do you want to enhance your own Ego? Or, do you want the other person’s approval, business, permission, or goodwill?

If all you want is to inflate your own Ego, talk about yourself exclusively; but don’t expect to get anything else out of the conversation.

Public speakers talk about themselves. But these people are invited to do so and their audience is voluntarily, not captive.

Unless you have hired a hall, and advertised in advance, your listeners will have no way of knowing that they are going to be held captive to your exploits.

to be continued…