How to communicate effectively continues… Talk about yourself when you are invited & asked.

Talk about yourself when you are invited and asked.

If others are interested, they will ask. Then talk a little about yourself, but don’t overdo it.

Answer questions and then turn the spotlight back to them. Use the me-too technique.

Another time when it is correct to bring yourself into the conversation is when you can tell the other person about yourself that will tie in to something they have said, or that will form a bond between you. If someone says, “I was raised on a farm,” and you say, “I was too” and tell a little something about your experiences, it makes them feel more important. The reason for bringing yourself into the conversation in a way that forms a bond is that it is flattering to others. By doing so, you are saying, “I agree with you; I like that too, I believe in that myself.”

Anything about you and your past that is similar to others will help them to like you. We like people who agree with us. And we dislike people who disagree. Those who disagree are a potential threat to our self-esteem. When you agree, you help the other person like himself.

🌷 Even if there are points on which you must disagree, always seek out points on which you can agree.

When you have established some ground, however small, on which you can agree, it will be much easier to come together on those on which you disagree.

to be continued…