Learning to Communicate Effectively continued… Use Happy Talk.

Learning to Communicate Effectively continued…

Use Happy Talk.

A person who falls into the habit of talking pessimistically; of constantly relating his personal problems, isn’t going to win any popularity contest.

If you have personal problems, go to your pastor, a counselor or a trusted friend. Don’t air troubles in public. Don’t go on about your ailments and operations. Describing your suffering doesn’t make you a hero — it makes you a bore.

Sit right down and write yourself a letter. If you have something on your chest that you must relieve, try writing yourself a letter. Put down exactly how you feel; don’t hold back. Go into detail about how you have been wronged; how unfair life is. Then, when you are through, burn the letter. It has served its purpose in giving you an outlet, and you should experience relief. It will drain off your emotions and alleviate the compelling need to tell people. Sometimes, you may need to repeat this or do it three times. But, after that, you will find that you no longer want to think about it, much less talk about it.

to be continued…