Learning to Communicate Effectively continued… Overcome the temptation to tease and be sarcastic.

Points discussed so far…
• Stop trying to be perfect
• Small task isn’t supposed to be brilliant.
• Warm up your subject.
• Get people talking about themselves.
• Ask questions to interest others — Why? Where? How?
• Talk about yourself when you are invited and asked.
• Use happy talk.
• Sit right down and write yourself a letter

Overcome the temptation to tease and be sarcastic.

Most of us tease others because we think that they will like it. Husbands tease their wives, and vice versa, in public, mistakenly believing that it is a cute way to show affection. We make sarcastic remarks hoping that others will recognize our cleverness; see the humor; and not take personal offense.

Teasing and sarcastic remarks are both aimed at the self-esteem of others, and anything that threatens self-esteem is dangerous business, even when done in fun.

If the other person has known you long enough; likes you well enough, and you don’t overdo it; you may get away with teasing. But, the odds are so great against it, that it is much safer not to try.

Start to utilize these methods to improve your communication skills. Practice on strangers. Keep at it day after day until it becomes your natural habit.

Tomorrow onwards I will share with you the significance of the art of listening.