Let’s be honest that we do want things from other people.

Let’s be honest that we do want things from other people. We want other people’s good will and friendship. We want their acceptance and recognition.

A businessman wants business from other people. A husband and wife want love and affection from each other. A parent wants obedience. A child wants security and love. A salesman wants other people to sign their names on a dotted line. A boss wants loyalty, production, cooperation. An employee wants recognition and credit for what he does.

Every normal human being wants success and happiness. Have you ever thought about the fact that other people play an important part in any real success or happiness that we enjoy?

It’s largely through our dealings with other people that we become successful. And regardless of what your definition of happiness may be, a little thought will convince you that your own happiness is largely dependent upon the sort of relationship you have with other people.

Why not go after what you want? Let’s not apologize for the fact that we need what other people have to offer. Let’s not apologize for the fact that we want to be successful in our dealings with others.

Instead, let us get familiar with how you can go about getting what you want from other people. Over next few days, I will share with you some things that I have discovered about how human beings do act and react, and how you can use these things to get what you want, whether it’s a raise from your boss, an order from your prospect, or good will from a new neighbor.

These methods may upset some popular ideas. But they do have one advantage: ‘They work!

to be continued…