Everybody wins; nobody loses

Thousands of people know that they want things from other people. But they are timid in going after what they want in the fear that satisfying their own desires would be selfish. They instinctively feel that securing success and happiness for themselves would necessarily mean depriving some other human being of some success or happiness.

Let’s get one thing straight: successful human relations means giving the other fellow something he wants in return for something you want.

I am sharing this wisdom for you who would like to master the art of getting what you want from other fellow–and making the other fellow happy about it.

Three basic methods of dealing with people.

No human being is self-sufficient. Each of us need things that other people have to offer. You have things that other people need. All our dealings with other people are based upon these needs. There are only three basic ways in which we deal with other people:

  1. You can take what you need from the other fellow by force, threats, intimidation, or by outsmarting him. Although criminals naturally fall in this category, many respectable people employ this method in more subtle ways.
  2. You can become a human relations beggar, and beg other people to give you the things you want. This submissive type of personality makes a deal with the other people: “I won’t assert myself in any way or cause you any trouble, and in return you be nice to me.”
  3. The best option could be that you operate upon a basis of fair exchange, or give-and-take. You make it your business to give others things they want and need, and invariably they will turn around and give you the things you need.

to be continued.

Tomorrow, I will share about How to tap your unused assets. So make sure that you keep reading these messages and also writing them in your journal and practising it in your life.