The key to successful human relations

The real key to successful human relations is learning as much as we can about human nature as it is, not as we think it ought to be. Only when we understand just what we are dealing with are we in a position to deal with it successfully.

So let’s take a look at human nature. Let’s see just what it is that other people really want. Let’s get together and work out some methods for supplying these needs and wants. Let’s learn how to work with human nature, rather than against it.

Maybe we’ll learn that the big trouble with the world isn’t that people are made the way they are, but we too often ignore the hungers of the people with whom we deal. You may be agreeably surprised to find that human nature really needs no glossing over, no idealizing, but that the good Lord really did know what He was doing when He made us the way He did.

Whenever I hear somebody knocking human nature, and blaming his troubles on the fact that the human race is so cussed, I am reminded of something that Harry Matelski, director of personnel for Wolf & Dessauer, Fort Wayne, Indiana, once said :

Have you ever noticed that a mediocre typist is very likely to express dissatisfaction with the typewriter? And that a poor golfer is always blaming a poor shot on his sorry golf clubs? You will also find people with little skill in human relations are the ones who are always cussing human nature–and blaming all their troubles on the fact that other people are so ornery.

Tomorrow I will share about how you can have confidence and power in dealing with others.