Your Key to Success & Happiness

All of us want two things out of life — Success and Happiness. And one common denominator for all success and happiness is other people.

Merely learning how to get along with people is no guarantee of either success or happiness. What really counts is a way to get along with people, or deal with people, that will bring us personal satisfaction and at the same time not trample on the egos of those we deal with.

Human Relations is the science of dealing with people in such a way that our egos and their egos remain intact. And this is the only method of getting along with people that ever brings any real success or any real satisfaction.

The reason 90% of people fail in life.

The Carnegie Institute of Technology analysed the records of 10,000 persons, and arrived at the conclusion that 15% of success is due to technical training, to brains and skill on the job, and 85% of success is due to Personality factors, to the ability to deal with people successfully!

Another research showed that out of 4000 people who lost their jobs in one year, only 10% lost out because they could not do the work. Remaining 3600 people lost out because they hadn’t developed the personality for successfully dealing with other people!

Look around you.

Are the most successful people you know those with the most brains, the most skill?

Are the people who are the happiest and get the most fun out of life so much smarter than the other people you know?

If you will stop and think a minute, the chances are that you will say that people you know who are the most successful, and enjoy life the most are those who have a way with other people.

Your personality problems are Your Problems with other people. Tomorrow, I will eloborate on this further. Till then have a fun-filled festival.