Self-awareness Empowers Us to build Integrity

Our trustworthiness is only as high as the balance in our Personal Integrity Account. Because our integrity is the basis of our confidence in ourselves and the confidence we inspire in others, one of the greatest manifestations of effective personal leadership is the exercise of care and wisdom in building a high positive balance in that account.

Primarily, we build it through the exercise of Independent will in making and keeping commitments. But without self-awareness, we don’t have the wisdom necessary to manage such an account.

We may set our goals too high, turning potential deposits into huge withdrawals when we fail to achieve them.

We may set our goals too low, depositing pennies when we could be depositing dollars.

We may pass up daily, weekly, moment-by-moment opportunities to make deposits because we are too busy blaming circumstances or other people for our own failures to achieve our goals.

Self-awareness involves deep personal honesty. It comes from asking and answering hard questions:-

  • Do I really want to do it?
  • Am I willing to pay the price?
  • Do I have enough strength to do it?
  • Do I accept the responsibility for my own growth?
  • Am I settling for mediocrity when I could be achieving excellence?
  • Am I blaming and accusing others for my own inability to set & achieve goals.

Self-awareness prompts us to start where we are–no illusions, no excuses–and helps us to cop out with mediocrity. It helps us recognize and respect our need to stretch, to push limits, to grow.

Since much of our frustration in life comes as a result of unmet expectations, the ability to set goals that are both realistic and challenging goes a long way toward empowering us to create peace and positive growth in our lives.