Setting weakly goals is a better way to set goals

When you get on it, ask yourself, what is the most important thing I could do in each of my roles this week to have a greatest positive impact?

As you pause to consider this question, consult the wisdom of your heart as well as your mind.

What do you feel would make a significant difference in each role?

What about your role as a spouse? As a friend? As a parent? As an employee?

As you consider the most important activities in each role, listen to your conscience. Focus on importance rather than urgency.

If one of your roles deals with your own development, your goals might include such things as planning time for a personal retreat, working on a mission statement, or gathering information about a speed reading course.

If you are a parent, your goal might be to spend some one-on-one time with your child.

If you’re married, it might be to go on a date with your spouse.

Job-related goals could include setting aside time for some long-range planning, coaching a peer or subordinate, visiting customers, or working on shared expectations with your boss.

Also have a section called sharpen the saw where you include goals to improve your skills and knowledge in multiple areas.

For example, physical goals might include regular exercise or proper diet.

In the spiritual area, you might choose meditation, prayer, or the study of inspiring literature.

In the mental area you might set a goal to attend a class or pursue your own reading program.

For social development, you might work on principles of effective in interdependence such as empathic listening, honesty, or unconditional love.

The key is to consistently do whatever builds your strength in these areas and increases your capacity to live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy. An hour a day spent sharpening your saw creates the private victory that makes public victories possible.

Though, you may be aware of several goals you could set in each role that you are playing in your life, may I suggest that you limit yourself to the one or two goals that are most important in each category.