Sunday morning with the family….

When you start to look through a leadership you will begin to see opportunities in places you never really thought of before.

One of my associates demonstrates this well. Like some who have families, he and his wife used to take a few minutes once a week to sit down with their children and try to coordinate the rides, the lessons, and many other activities of normal family life. They had been doing this regularly for some time, but at one point they decided this could be an opportunity for leadership as well as management.

They changed the format of their time together so that now, instead of diving right into the schedule, they begin by reviewing their family mission statement.

  • They talk about what it means to be a family.
  • They discuss what everyone can do to make the family successful.
  • They review their progress.
  • They revisit their principles and values.
  • Then they discuss each of their roles as they pertain to the family — son, daughter, sister, brother, student, friend.
  • They take a few minutes during the planning time to help the children set a principle-based goal to improve in each goal, such as working together on chores or asking about each other’s day.

These goals are simple, and geared to the capacity of each child — the older ones do a little more, the younger ones do a little less. They all learn by example and talk about it.

Every week they put the calendar on the refrigerator where everyone can see it. They block out time to work on some of the goals and joint activities, to be together as a family, to go to school plays, for Mom and Dad to go out on a date.

It’s taken some time, but members of the family are beginning to learn about relationships and how they can make a difference together.