I am letting go of childhood programming that holds me back & replacing it with positive thoughts and images about my compelling future.

Meditate on the above Affirmation very often. Do you know that you were born with the seed of who you were meant to become already inside you?

You were also born without inhibitions or fears — you cried when you were hungry, you crawled all over the place, you laughed at silly noises and faces.

As you got older, you were told to stop crying, to grow up, to stop being selfish. You learned to ignore the things you really wanted and to fit in with what your parents, teachers, or society told you was best. Now it’s time to unlearn and replace these childhood decisions.

Michelangelo, the renaissance sculptor and painter who spent four years laying on his back painting the ceiling of the Sistine Cheaper, said, “The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but it is too low and we reach it.” WOW!

When we allow others to dictate our “wants” or determine what we should do with our lives, we end up settling for whatever is handed to us, or worse, pursuing a life we simply don’t enjoy.

This can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, and a whole list of negative outcomes. Your life is exactly that — yours. No one can determine what your life experience should be — other than you.


Do let me know what opened up for you by reading this message, and what actions are you taking in your life. Please feel free to share my messages with people in life.