Affirmation for Meditation & Reflection

I choose to believe things are possible, even when I don’t know how they will happen.

There are two roadblocks that hold us back from achieving our goals and making good decisions. The first one is fear of what we don’t know: What will it take to get me from here to there? How will I make ends meet in the meantime? Those questions will discourage you if you let them. But all those details will fall into place if you believe in your goals and believe in yourself.

The second roadblock is what you think you know that just isn’t true. Think about that. Could a lot of what you think you know actually be wrong?

Relying too much on your own knowledge and experiences without questioning your assumptions is a slippery slope. You need to learn the real facts and use this information to become a possibility thinker.

Your mind is an amazing instrument — you can let it absorb bad or damaging information, or you can train it to produce positive thoughts (by using affirmations, for instance).

You know that taking responsibility and being in control of your life is integral to achieving your goals, and you also know that you have the power to learn and unlearn thought patterns and responses at will.

Only you can decide what you will accept and what you will block from your mind, so it’s up to you to avoid negative and incorrect data.