July 12, 2019

Today I enter into my 59th year.

Leaving behind 58 year’s of life filled with love, care, togetherness and unshakable belief in God.

Thank you Parvathi, Kuberan, Nisha, Amulya, all my siblings, school and college friends, staff and clients who shaped me the way I am today through your listening and belief in me and my wisdom.

Today I woke up at 6 am. My today’s least body weight is 88.1 kilos. That’s 10 kilos less than last year’s body weight. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you universe for this achievement.

I started the day by looking at the the pictures of Parvathi with Sonal and Dolly as small babies. That pulled me into so many good and happy memories.

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya is my favorite chanting. I started my morning by listening to this chanting.

Saw WhatsApp message, read Happy birthday messages from Sunil, Sudhir, Parvathi, Sumithra.

Bade Bhaiya and Bhabhi called me to wish me happy birthday. Thank you all.

I intend to have a good time today. Just now Parvathi has switched on the radio — Devdutt Patanayak show is going on.

Also thought about one Lalbaba, who had predicted that I will live for about 83-88 years of life.

What all must I do in next 28 years for people in universe that they could be using for next 50,000 years?