I am constantly aware of the power of positive thinking and I am supported by the Universe as it brings me endless opportunities for growth.

Basic chemistry tells us that a physical object, such as a house, or a dog, a car is made up of billions of individual atoms–tiny parcel of energy–that bonds together into different forms such as water, metal, and plastic.

Similarly, our thoughts are also a form of energy–easily detected as brain waves by standard medical equipment–that can interact with our physical world just like any other form of energy does. When we understand this basic science, we realize that our thoughts can actually interact with the physical world and help bring about what we want to happen.

The core tenet of The Law of Attraction says: what you think about, talk about, believe strongly about, and feel intensely about, you will bring about.

Once you know that, by using your thoughts, you can help bring about the opportunities, resources, and people who can help you accomplish your goals, you will start paying the greater attention to the direction of your thoughts and what you focus on throughout the day.