I am amazed how far I can go when I set goals & go after them with conviction & confidence.

Once a goal is set, 3 things will emerge that stop most people — but they are not going to stop you! They’re considerations, fears, and roadblocks.

Let us say you decide to double your income by the end of the year. Before you know it, thoughts will emerge like I won’t have time for my family or I will have to work twice as many hours. These thoughts are considerations. They have been in your subconscious a long time, but now that they have come to light, you can address them and move on.

Fears, on the other hand are feelings: You may have a fear of rejection, a fear of being laughed at, or a fear of failure. But fears are also just part of the process of moving toward your goals. Knowing that in advance helps you overcome them.

Roadblocks are purely external circumstances that can be overcome such as not having money to start a new business or needing additional training before seeking a promotion. Roadblocks are obstacles that appear in your path, but they are also just things you will have to deal with.

Once you know to expect considerations, fears, and roadblocks, you will realize they are not as overwhelming as you thought. Learn to accept and confront them because, more often than not, they are the very things that have been holding you back in life.