I am alert when people speak on topics directly or indirectly related to My Goals because they contain valuable clues that I want to learn.

At some time or another, you have probably thought about asking an expert for advice yourself, but shrugged it off with thoughts such as Why would someone take the time out of their day to talk with me? Why would they want to potentially create their own competition?

Stop! You are creating roadblocks in your own mind that don’t even exist. Most people love to talk about how they built their business or accomplished their goals.

Here are few reasons why we don’t take advantage of this resource that is so readily available:

  1. You are too reluctant to do something no one else you know is doing.
  2. You would have to go out of your way or take time from something else–like friends or hobbies.
  3. Your fear of rejection overrides your desire to ask for advice or information.
  4. You would have to do something different, and even when it’s in your best interest, change is uncomfortable.
  5. You would have to work at it, and frankly, you just don’t want to work that hard.

Think about it…