Constant Repetition carries Conviction…

Affirmations are one of the most powerful ways to create a vibrational match for what you want to attract into your life.

Every thought you think and every word you say is an affirmation. Your thoughts and words are declarations of who you think you are and how you perceive the world to be.

Every time you think a negative thought or make a self-deprecating comment you are actually affirming it as your personal truth.  Fortunately, the same holds true for the positive thoughts and statements.

Strong, positive affirmations are powerful means of self-transformation and they are the key element in the creation of the life you desire.

There are two types of affirmations: positive affirmations and goal specific affirmations.

Today I will be telling you about the positive affirmations that simply affirm your positive beliefs about yourself and about life.

For Example:

  • My life is abundant in every way.
  • I am successful in all that I do.
  • My life is filled with love and beauty
  • I am grateful for each experience in my life.
  • I am divinely guided and protected.
  • I am attracting joy in my life.
  • I am excited to be alive!
  • I believe all things are possible.
  • I am loved.
  • I can do anything.
  • I make a difference in this world.

These simple declarations of who you want to be and how you want to feel are extremely powerful, and they help to replace the negative, limiting beliefs that you may have taken on in the past.

Goal Specific Affirmations affirm your specific dreams, desires, and goals as having already been completed.

For the best results, you can repeat them while making eye contact with yourself in the mirror.

 Guidelines for creating your own goal specific affirmations

  • Affirmations must be positive.
  • Avoid using the word ” not ” in your affirmation.
  • Affirmations are stated in the present tense. Believe it is already so.

For example, “I am celebrating feeling light and alive in my perfect body weight of 70 kilo.”

  • Affirmations are fairly short.
  • Affirmations are specific.
  • Begin your affirmations with “I am…” or “We are…
  • Affirmations use action words.  Feel the emotions when you say the affirmation.
  • Affirmations are personal. Make affirmations for your own behavior, not others.


I am feeling proud as I stand looking at the house that I have helped to build for Habitat for Humanity.

I am excitedly watching orders pour in over the internet for my new product.

I am thrilled to open the SMS from my bank and find that yet another client has deposited an amount.

I am joyfully driving my new Mercedes down the highway.

I am happily stepping through the door of my brand-new dream home.

Now go ahead and take a few minutes to develop your own positive and goal specific affirmations. Also, remember to write this entire post in your notebook for future reference.