The Skyscraper Visualization – part two

Take a deep breath and let yourself relax,.. Imagine once more that you are standing on the top of the same terrace, on the top of the same skyscraper as before, only this time you have beautiful white feathered wings, and you are totally confident in your ability to fly. You realize that you are totally safe… So, let yourself walk to the edge of the terrace and when you get there, just gently bend your knees, push off and fly…

Notice what it feels like to fly — feel the wind rushing beneath your wings as you soar and glide effortlessly through the sky… Feel the exhilaration and the freedom,..

After a while, let yourself fly to any place on the planet that you would really like to be right now… It might be a favourite vacation spot, a place you like to go when you want to be alone, or a special place you would like to go to be with someone you care about…

When you get there, just let yourself gently land and spend a few moments enjoying yourself, doing whatever you would like to do there… Notice how you feel right now, physically and emotionally.

Compare the different emotional and physical reactions you felt in part one and part two of the visualization. Notice the lightness, joy and sense of expansion you feel in part two of this example.

…to be contd.

(Feel free to request the earlier post, if you have missed the part 1 of this visualization.)

I wish you a happy Tuesday today!