The Skyscraper Visualization Part 3

Think about it for a moment. You haven’t gone anywhere, you haven’t left the room, you have taken only a few minutes to visually imagine these two experiences, and yet you probably felt very distinct and different emotional and physiological changes occurring. The vivid images you created in your mind were completely real to your subconscious mind, and it responded to your imagined experiences on an emotional and physiological level as though they were actually occurring.

🌷 You are responsible for the images you create in your mind. So if you spend time and energy imagining the worst case scenarios in your life, then you are physically and emotionally responding to those images and attracting that very same type of negative energy and circumstance into your life. You must choose to visualize positive, inspirational, and uplifting images, in order to create a vibrational match for what you do want to attract in your life.

🌹 Wishing you a Happy Wednesday filled with Fun, Joy & Success.🌹