Did you know this…?

Once you know the Law of Attraction, you can make the best discoveries about yourself by listening to what you are saying.

When you state something as an absolute fact, realize that it is something you really believe, and that belief is creating it in your life.

As you hear your words and realize that you are saying something you do not want, switch immediately and rephrase your sentence with the words of what you want.

You will learn so much about your past experiences and what you have created when you listen to your words. And then, as you catch your words and change them, you are changing the entire course of your future!

The negative feeling of disappointment keeps your desire from you. To turn disappointment into a positive feeling, start thinking and saying, “WHEN my desire arrives I am going to…” And fill in the blank.

This is a great way to shift yourself to believing, and believing is where you want to be.