The Power to Transform


YOU have the power to transform negative change into positive, but you cannot do it by resisting the change.

Resisting the change is choosing the negative path — you are focusing on negative, which brings with it even more negativity, pain and misery.

To transform the negative into positive, first look for the good and positive things in the situation. There is good in every single situation, and as you look for the good things the law of attraction must present them to you.

Additionally, command that this change will bring unlimited good and positivity, and know and believe in your heart that as you command it, it must be done. This is choosing the positive path.

Important note: Gratitude is just words, words, words unless you feel it intensely and deeply.

To really harness the power of gratitude you must practice, practice, and practice until you reach the greatest depth of feeling and the highest frequency.

That is gratitude at its most powerful.

Wishing YOU a Very Happy Saturday and Weekend Ahead.

Govind Vedaprakash Shandilya
Numerologist at MyBirthSecrets
Author | Numerologist | Coach Law of Attraction
India's Most Popular and Trusted Numerologist and Mantra Expert from Bangalore