Sachet of Happiness


You are standing in the ration shop, children have asked for some new milk-mix powder, and wife has requested for some expensive shampoo… When you look at the price on these regular packets.. your eyes just pop out. Now you are in two minds, should you buy it or not… Just then the shopkeeper tells you quietly,

“Sir, the sachets are available for both these items. Try them.”

Then you look at those sachets… Just Rs. 5 each. Wow!

Happily you buy four sachets of each and with lot of pride you return home.

Sachets are the greatest innovation done by MNC’s for the Indian consumer market!

Nowadays, from shampoo to sauce, from soaps to masala, from biscuits to even coconut water, you can get sachets for everything. Instead of forcing the consumer to buy bigger packs of Rs. 500 or more, giving them smaller sachets of Rs. 2, Rs. 5 or Rs 10 is good for the consumer as well as profitable for the company. This strategy has been well understood by all multinational companies.

Many of us too have figured this out and now buy sachets instead of large packets and enjoy the products while saving substantially.

However, the same level of smartness that we are using while buying monthly ration, we don’t seem to be using in our personal lives.

We are constantly running after and struggling for the ‘big ticket happiness’ in our lives… Big house…Big car…Big bank balance…Popularity… Super success, etc. “If I get, I will be happy.” with this thought we tend to remain unhappy most of the time or till we get these.

Are you aware that the happiness too is available in smaller sachets?

What I am trying to tell you is even when you are aiming to get an independent 4bhk villa, having a smaller flat could also provide you an experience of sleeping peacefully in your own home. A small sachet of happiness!

“We will buy a big car, when we can afford,”… but till then enjoying travelling in a small car, too is a sachet of happiness!

Same is applicable for name, fame, and super success, etc. For each of these, you can certainly find the small sachets of happiness! When you recognize this and experience, you will find yourself more and more happy.

Now what remains is the story of surplus bank balance… or having you wallet filled with high value currency note…This is one thing that we feel that cannot give us the happiness in small sachet…the value of Two Thousand note isn’t there in Five hundred rupee note or for that matter in the coin of 5 rupees…

This sachet you will get while playing a game with your children, in a long drive with your spouse, in chatting with your parents, having a dinner with friends, etc…

Really, do you feel that?

If not, try giving your Rs. 2000 note or your credit card to a tea seller, to buy a cup of hot tea and a plate of hot bhajji, when its pouring heavily!!

You will not get that happiness with that Rs. 2000 or your credit card! In such a situation Rs. 10-20 smaller sachets will suffice!!

I will be happy to hear from you about what opened up for you by reading this story. Is there any relationship with the law of gratitude?

🌹 Wishing you Happy and Successful Friday! May you succeed in your life’s purpose. 🌹