The story of nail that chose to quit…


A magnificent new church in Bristol was inaugurated. People thronged from far and wide to see the church.

They praised the architecture, the murals, the steeple.

Up on the roof, a little nail heard the praises. No one said a word about the nail. No one even knew it was there. The nail  became angry, upset, and jealous.

“If I am that insignificant, I think I should quit.”

With that thought… the nail released its hold, slid down the roof, and fell in the mud.

That night it rained heavily.

Soon, the shingle that had no nail blew away, and the roof began to leak.

The water streaked the walls, and the elegant murals.

The wall plaster cracked, the thick carpet was stained, and the pulpit was badly damaged.

All because a little nail chose to quit!

But what of the nail?

While holding the shingle, it was obscure; but it was also useful.

Buried in the mud it was just as obscure – and now – useless.

Remember, “Everyone in life is important. Like the nail you may feel obscure at times in life; but always remember, you’re important. If you aren’t present in the lives of others, it’ll hurt them. And hurt you.”