A Must Read Story of Two Most Talented Thieves in the World…

Arthur Barry was really good at stealing jewels. He is still considered the best in his art of stealing in the history of USA.

In fact, he was known as The Greatest Jewel Thief of the 20th century. He would rob only the richest people.

Even though stealing is never considered as a good quality, everyone wanted to know more about him and they all had some kind of empathy for Arthur Barry.

One day he was caught and had to spend next 18 years in jail. After completing the jail term, Arthur chose to give up crime, and decided to live a life of simple and honest citizen.

People were still curious to know more about him. Finally a public meeting was organized with Arthur. Many questions were asked and Arthur too replied them impromptu.

Finally someone asked him,

“Can you please tell us what was your biggest theft? And who was that person you robbed?”

“Do you really want to know the correct answer?” asked Arthur.

“Yes, YES!” the whole crowd shouted.

*”The name of the person who I robbed most is ‘ARTHUR BARRY!’ I am the biggest thief and guilty of my own life.”

Everyone was shocked and the pin-drop silence prevailed for some time.

“I could have been a successful businessman. I could have been the best of best investor in Wall Street. I could have been a social service person transforming the lives of millions.”

“But instead, I chose to become a thief! And ended up spending 18 long years – almost a one third life – in jail!”


In 1887, one rainy day a person came in the ration shop, bought few things, and gave $20 note at the counter and went away.

He was a known customer, who was staying near the shop. His name was Emanuel Ninger, an upcoming and talented Artist

As the note was wet, cashier felt the ink on her hands. She looked at the dollar bill carefully. It looked a real note. However, as the ink was spreading, she called the police, doubting that the note could be fake.

It was a fake note. But even police were surprised to see such a perfect copy. They raided the house of Emanuel Ninger and confiscated his paintings.

The artist Emanuel Ninger went to jail. He confessed to court that he had created many such fake currencies and used for his survival in the market.

Court ordered to auction his painting to pay the fine.

While he was still in jail, his paintings were auctioned. Every painting fetched USD 5000 or more.

The irony was, Emanuel whose paintings were sold for USD 5000 or more, was spending more time in painting USD 20 currency.

So, what is the lesson to learn from these two true stories?

• Each of us who does not recognize own talent is a thief.

• Each of us, who isn’t using his/her 100% capability is also a thief and robber.

• And the person is really a thief who has no self-confidence.

* Every procrastinator is also a thief who isn’t contributing anything to society and simply wastes time in unnecessary discussions.

• A person who does not like his/her work, and doesn’t do justice to his job is also a thief.

Recognise the special talent that YOU have and use it for some purpose that is useful to society at large!


Wishing you Happy and Successful Friday! May you succeed in your life’s purpose.