Sunflowers turn according to the position of the sun. In other words, they “chase the light”

This facing the sun phenomenon is called Heliotropism. You might already know this, but there is another fact that you probably are unaware of.

🤔 Have you ever wondered what happens on cloudy and rainy days when the sun is completely covered by clouds?

Perhaps you think the sunflower withers or turns its head towards the ground.
Well, that’s incorrect!

This is what happens? They turn towards each other to share their energy. Nature’s perfection is amazing.

Now let’s apply this reflection to our lives.

🌻🌻 How about following the example of the beautiful sunflowers? Learning to support and empower each other especially when the other person is unhappy, low in spirit, depressed, or vulnerable.

Wishing you a very happy Saturday and weekend.