YOU too will soon JOIN US…

A young man, who was the only son to his parents and who was working abroad was informed about the death of his father by his neighbor.

But the son delayed his arrival. In the meantime, neighbors took the body and deposited it in the mortuary for preservation.

Upon arrival a week later, son went to the mortuary to see the body of his father.

When he was about to enter the place, he saw a poster placed at the entrance of the mortuary:

“We were like YOU before, but we are here NOW!”

The young man went inside, checked the corpse of his father, after a few minutes, he made his step out.

As he was about to step outside, he saw another inscription placed on a strategic location, which no one will escape. It read as:

“You will soon be like us.”

This last word touched his stone heart and he repented from that moment. He realized, Everything here on earth is like a dream, a vapor. Life itself is not real, as everything is temporal. YOU too will soon be like those that were once Living, Eating, Sleeping, Walking, Talking, Laughing with others here on earth, but now they’re NO MORE.

When he got to his father’s mansion, there was nobody to talk to, his father had left his shoes, clothes, money, bed, cars, EVERYTHING. As he was searching his father’s wardrobes, he saw untouched brand new dollars, well packed and arranged, but the owner of the money was in the mortuary.

The young boy remembered,


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