Did you know this?

Your hard job is the dream of every unemployed.

Your 1bhk home is the dream of every homeless.

The food on your table is the dream of everyone starving.

Your little saving is the dream of everyone in debt.

Your annoying child is the dream of every couple trying to have a baby.

Your ability to walk and play is the dream of everyone’s who is sick.

Your smile is the dream of every depressed.

Consciously learn to be grateful for what you have. God’s blessing is upon you. Be Grateful and live a peaceful, joyful and prosperous life.

Everyday write, and read aloud the following statement 28 times:

I, (your name), am absolutely available to greater prosperity in every aspect of my life. I am a vehicle, an instrument of prosperity. I, (your name) am prosperity itself. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

May I suggest that YOU write my messages in your notebook for daily reading. Also feel free to share it with others in your other WhatsApp groups?

Wishing you a very happy Saturday and weekend.