Resentment vs Forgiveness

About two decades ago I was participating in a leadership program in Bangalore. It was a long duration program and spread over six months. We had to practice the principles taught in the class over the week before we met again in the next class. I must confess, though it was really tough course that I went through, it really transformed my life completely. It really taught the true meanings of words such as Resentments that most people keep alive throughout their lives and really suffer in their lives. The worst part is they are completely ignorant of the dire consequences of harboring resentment in their lives.

The following real life experience has been shared by one of my co-participants in the leadership program. Her mother-in-law was also the participant in the same program.

Her mother-in-law was suffering from cancer almost for over 6 years. During the course, the program leader once shared that Resentment towards people in our lives causes deadly health issues such as cancer. And the moment you are present to your resentments and are willing to forgive those people who you are holding the resentment against, magical things will start happening in your life.

After the class as the daughter-in-law drove back home along with mother-in-law, she noticed that m-i-l was unusually quiet. After light dinner everyone slept.

Next morning, as everyone sat at a breakfast table, Mother-in-Law said to her son, “Son, till late night I was pondering and realized that I had been resenting my daughter in law, ever since you married her against my wishes. And I am wrong in doing so. Then she hugged her daughter-in-law and said, “Please forgive me. I dropped my resentment towards you last night only. I have already seen you since last 10 years, taking care of me and my son selflessly. Thank you for being who you are.”

There were emotional moment. Everyone hugged each other. Tears were rolling. After all that, they finished the breakfast and got into their routine.

Slowly, life took over. After about three weeks, the son took her mother for a routine check up and after about 10 minutes of check up, the doctor came out with a shocking look on her face. She said, something is unusual, we need to do some more tests urgently.

The tests were done. And after about 45 minutes, doctors told the son, “the symptoms of cancer have disappeared completely.” All the doctors were in shock.

But, the mother-in-law knew for sure. It was her act of genuinely forgiving her daughter-in-law and dropping the resentment against her permanently that had caused this magic.

Thereafter, I have consciously adapted this concept of Power of Forgiveness in more than a hundred times and every-time it worked.

May I suggest that you too look at your own life. Dig deep in your life and make a list of people who you are still harboring your resentment against. It could be your immediate relatives, friends, your spouse or even teachers of your children. Be honest to yourself. And resolve to drop that resentment and forgive each one of them. And be willing to be open to universe for some real magical results.

If you are willing to drop the resentments but don’t know how to forgive people, ask me the scientifically proven process of forgiving people in your lives.

Do remember to share this message with people you really care for. May God bless YOU.

Wishing you a Very Happy Monday