Nineteen-Point Agenda to be followed to deal with Current Panic situation Effectively.

Things for YOU to practice at your choice and free will.

1. Meditation.

2. Pray.

3. Yoga.

4. Physical Exercises.

5. Be ego less, humble, receptive and kind as each one has their own situations to deal with.

6. Be co-operative and understanding.

7. Co-live. Co-create. Co-support.

8. Be grateful.

9. Focus on solutions than problems.

10. Have a positive attitude, mindset and thinking.

11. Maintain harmony.

12. Share happiness rather than fear.

13. Be honest and fair.

14. Maintain integrity.

15. Help if you can. Give back.

16. Just pay proper attention to guidelines shared and laid down by the Government and respective authorities.

17. Self validate. Stop giving into rumor and gossip.

18. Maintain peace, order and calm.

19. Maintain good habits and hygiene.

Wishing you a Very Happy Monday