Today is the same Tomorrow that you Worried about Yesterday! 🙂

Did you know that there is no past or future for the Law of Attraction, only the present. so stop referring to your life in the past as very difficult, or full of hardship and pain, or in any other negative way. Also, stop worrying about the future that is yet to happen.

Remember that the law operates only in the present, so when you speak of your past life negatively the law is receiving your words and sending those things back to you NOW.

Focus on the wonderful things about you, in the present and when your mind starts to criticize any part of you, stamp out those thoughts. Stop them immediately and switch your mind to the good things about you.

When you focus on good things about you, you will attract an abundance of the good things. Be kind to yourself, because YOU deserve it!

🌷Think and share with me what opened up for you by reading this post. Feel free to share it with everyone who deserves to read this.

🌸 I wish you a happy Tuesday today!