The Power and the Magic of Gratitude.

To understand the power and magic of gratitude, you have to experience yourself. So how about beginning by deciding to find one hundred things everyday to be grateful for?

It could even include things such as positive impact on your life by avoiding crowded places, by maintaining hygiene, by spending more time with family, etc.

Remember to write and be grateful for only those things that you are interested in and also learn to appreciate things and relationships that already exist in your life.

When YOU practice gratitude, every day it won’t take long before gratitude becomes your natural state of being. And when that happens you will have unlocked one of the greatest secrets of life.

What is the most powerful thing YOU can add to the process of creating what you want? ASK FOR OTHERS as you ask for yourself. An easy way to do this is to ask for ALL, which of course includes you.

Ask for good life for all, peace for all, abundance for all, health for all, and happiness for all.

When you ask for others, it comes back to you, so the law has it ALL covered.

Wishing you a Happy Wednesday filled with Fun, Joy, Health & Success.