Kindness in words creates CONFIDENCE. Kindness in thinking creates PROFOUNDNESS. Kindness in giving creates LOVE.

Stress, worry, and anxiety simply comes from projecting your thoughts into the future and imagining something bad. This is focusing on what you don’t want.

If you find that your mind is projecting into the future in a negative way, focus intensely on NOW. Keep bringing yourself back to the present.

🌻Use all of your will, and focus your mind in this very moment. Be at home. Be with your family. Enjoy being together. Do your prayers.

Write your gratitude journal. In fact, when you are able to focus on things to be grateful for, in these moments of complete lockdown, you WILL discover a Higher Self in your life.

Be willing and surrender to universe to unfold the beautiful future through you. Just like a rose-bud surrendering to universe without any resistence to emerge a beautiful Rose Flower emerge through it. And be grateful moment by moment, because in this moment of NOW, there is an inner peace.

💖💖 I wish YOU a Happy, Peaceful & Successful Thursday! Be blessed. 💖💖