How to get out of depression?

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How to get out of depression

1. Get yourself a 100 page notebook and new red ink pen.

2. Sit alone. Close your eyes.

3. With eyes closed take 10 deep breath in and slow and full breath out.

4. Every time you breath in, imagine that you are inhaling the life giving Pranshakti that is filling every cell of your body.

When exhale fully, imagine that you are throwing out entire negativity from your mind and body outside.

Do this minimum 10 times. You are free to do it till upto 30 times each — deeply and slowly.

5. Now slowly open your eyes and start making a list of things that are working in your life.

6. Make a list as exhaustive as possible. List only those things that are working.

7. Then go over the list again and write 3 times, _thank you, thank you, thank you_ in front of each item. And feel the feeling of gratitude for everything that is working in your life.

Then get on to your life.

8. You can repeat this process as many times as you feel it’s adding value to your life.

Happy working. Do remember to share your experience with me without fail every week.

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